Capital city of Tuscany, Florence isthe most populous city here attracting millions of travelers every year. Containing a number of art galleries, churches, palaces, landmarks and museums, Florence is also known for its powerful influence in culture, politics, arts and literature. Tourists consider the city as the most beautiful city in Europe. Of course, the gorgeous architecture and beautiful scenery add charm to Florence. Once you come, definitely you will find yourself soak up in the city’s joyous vibe and relaxation. No doubt, Florence is a dream holiday destination for many. It has all the things and flavors tourists want to spend with. Beautiful surroundings, amazing scrumptious Italian food, breathtaking architecture are few of the ingredients people like to enjoy.


Piazzale Michelangelo offers a stupendous looks in Florence. It is one of the best classic tourist stops in the city. Whether day or night, get there and take a peek behind you to catch the growing panorama of Florence. You can also find hotel Piazzale Michelangelo to enjoy the panoramic views of the city. Have a walk here and catch a big crowd.


Piazza Del Duomo stands out in the overcrowded picture of tourist attractions in Florence. With great historical, architectural, cultural, religious and artistic charges; the site is known as a renowned landmark that gathered a big crowd every now and then. Feel the structure of the building both inside and outside. Do not delay to book Piazza del Duomo Florence tickets, just enjoy the views which are breath taking and stunning.


The Piazza della Signoria shows huge scene of great triumphs, bonfires, and others. With so many adventurous views, the site has been the political heart of the city. To enjoy the complete monument, book a hotel in Piazza della Signoria and enjoy the place dominated by city hall. Various rallies, fairs and concerts are organized that are enjoyed by locals and tourist visitors throughout the year.


Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore is the most iconic landmark of the city with staggering construction and graceful architecture. You can also feel its artistic treasures once you visit the site. Buy Duomo Florence tickets for 15 Euro and check in the elegant building for spectacular views. The site remains open for 7 days and surrounds excessive crowds for all 7 days.


The Galleria degli Uffizi is one of the most famous museums in the world covered with unique masterpieces and artworks which have rich amount of works from all centuries. The Gallery is located in the heart of the city and welcomes over a million visitors each year. Uffizi Gallery tickets cost for 16.50 Euro and explores very famous masterpieces. It welcomes visitors from all across the world and locals as well.


Baptistry is one of the very popular monuments in Florence which is also the oldest religious site in all of Florence. The site is fully dedicated to Florence’s patron saint who has an octagonal lantern with a cupola. Patterned colored marble is used specially, white Carrara marble and green Prato marble to give extra effects to its architecture. Baptistry has eight equal sides designed with a number of significant statues.


Boboli Gardens is one of Florence’s largest and beautiful gardens where plenty of sun, shade, singing birds and whispering fountains can be observed. The site comprises of the large green area with a real open air museum and statues of various periods and styles. Purchase Boboli Gardens tickets and enjoy splendid fountains and caves. With time, Boboli Gardens have become historical park of the city and capture the spirit of life.


Palazzo Pitti is the largest and most impressive private residence in the city of Florence. The building is well known for its elegancy and embellishment. With innovative Renaissance architecture, Palazzo Pitti is a great example for its richly decorated rooms and beautiful surroundings. Execute your trip by booking Palazzo Pitti tickets online. Make your visit to Florence more memorable by visiting here.