Telluride is a populous town in Colorado, comprising lots of surrounding steep forested mountains and cliffs, ski resort as well as an extensive list of beautiful scenic views. The town is particularly known for the best skiing and snowfall experience in the whole world. Once you visit here, you will get world-class resorts, traditional design elements, small town mountain lifestyle, spectacular views, endless outdoor activities, family-run operations, cultural events and much more. Have an amazing experiences that is present nowhere else in the country. Telluride experiences humid continental climate where the coldest month is January and the hottest one is July.


It is considered as one of the premier attractions which remains open all year round and allows guests to enjoy adventurous activities. The location offers over 2,000 acres of skiable space of the mountains and peaks. You can simply take part in many winter activities or just relax and enjoy the view amidst the mountains. Here, you can enjoy world class skiing as well as Telluride Ski Resort lodging experience with the outrageous views of the mountains.


Located in the heart of Colorado, Telluride Mountain Village is a neat European-style village ranging in 2,000 acres with covered mountainsides, providing the perfect location for Telluride ski resorts. Telluride Mountain Village is primarily a vacation home and condominium rentals with the most scenic beauty. The gondola ride between Mountain Village and Telluride gives visitors a tremendous view with number of bars, restaurants, and boutique shops.


Town Park is a community gathering space for organizing special events and sports as well. With variety of campgrounds, fishing pond, barbeque station and winter sport venues, the Town Park accommodates all types of new winter activities like skiing, ice hockey and ice skating. With the minimal Telluride town park tickets, Telluride Town Park boasts incredible views of many of the area’s most well-known attractions. If you are a music lover, then Town Park is one venue that you deserves to visit at least once.


Bridal Veil Falls is the tallest freefalling waterfall in Colorado which is probably an added bonus for hikers. Explore the surrounding wilderness and also experience the adventurers from all over the world to run, hike, bike, four-wheel drive and photography. In winter, the falls form the frozen shapes and challenge ice climbers. Bridal Veil Falls also comprises a power plant which generates, operates and sells the power. The site is surrounded by willows and a variety of wildflowers.


The site is one of Telluride’s most popular trails and a must visit place for those who love hiking, biking and horseback riders. It comprises of the beautiful and well-marked wooded trail which displays an unbeatable view of the town of Telluride. The scenery continues to improve as you climb over Bear Creek Trail. Explore the site and make the most of your vacations in Telluride. You will feel happier than ever before.


Telluride Historical Museum is known to promote and preserve the rich and colorful history of Telluride region. If you want to have an opportunity to study early technologies of precious metal extraction or hard rock mining, just visit here and explore the face of real Telluride. Once you visit the museum, you will definitely preserve a great memory from your Telluride trip! Summer visiting hours (i.e., June to October) of the place are 11am to 5pm (Monday-Saturday),1pm to 5pm (Sunday) & until 7pm on Thursday and winter hours (i.e., December to March) of the place are 11am to 5pm (Tuesday-Saturday) and until 7pm on Thursday.


Located on the back side of the Telluride Ski Resort, Alta Lakes offers a magical alpine view in both summer and winter. In summer; drive up, pitch a tent and enjoy unmatched camping experience here. During winter, Alta Lakes is one of the prettiest places to go snowmobiling in the Telluride area. Just hike around the lake very carefully and with all precautions. Proper mountain driving etiquette should be followed at all times. Also, enjoy fishing, camping, and hiking or take an easy day trip from Telluride to this beautiful lake.


Here, the beer comes straight from Rocky Mountain snowmelt which creates rich aromas and smooth-tasting flavors. The Telluride Brewing Co. remains open from Monday to Friday from 3pm-7pm and Saturday 12pm-7pm. It remains closed on Sunday. Cheers, and enjoy drinking with our friends and loved ones.

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