Located amidst beautiful red rock mountains, Sedona Arizona is one of the rare gems with stunning scenic beauty. The city has a unique vibe with beautiful red rock landscape, unique shops and galleries. Explore the surrounding landscape, spectacular views, riding trails, jeep tours, slot canyons, ancient cultures, natural wonders, downhill skiing, charming small towns and vibrant cities. Sedona Arizona is definitely worthwhile for longer stay as it draws tourists from around the globe. It is a great vacation destination and a perfect place for outdoor adventures. The city experiences a temperate semi-arid climate with high temperatures. Come and explore the place with so many options to enjoy.


Cathedral Rock is the most famous photographed sights and a landmark in Sedona. The site is popular for its steep and short red rocks with total sun exposure. It needs to be very careful during summers as the place remains very humid and warm throughout season. Tourists come here to enjoy the activities like walking, running, hiking and rock climbing from all over the world. The site is well worth for the tourists who love more than adventurous activities on a height.


Bell Rock is the best place to go hiking, practice yoga and de-stress in the city. The site is also utilized as a rock climbing destination by number of viewers. From the top of the place, the view is amazing, just experience it! Get ready with plenty of water in order to discover the steep of the rock. Whenever you come here, you will find the area crowded with visitors who have competition how far they could go. Experience is required to go at the peak of the rock. You can stay in hotel Bell Rock to check the spectacular views throughout your journey.


Chapel of the Holy Cross is a strong rock formation which offers spectacular views, especially at sunset. The Chapel was the first contemporary structure built as a Catholic Church. Chapel of the Holy Cross has a universal appeal as a work of art. According to the visitors, the site is filled with a feeling of serenity and peace. No doubt, it is the great place in the city to rest for a while. If you want to spend some time with peace and humanity, most welcome here.


Red Rock Scenic Byway (SR 179) is an absolute delight for short hikes which is a bit surprising for many of the viewers. Enjoy your time viewing areas and the environment around. The site is comprised of sediment layers deposited over millions of years. Due to its scenic beauty, Red Rock Byway is also known as ‘museum without walls. Here, you will see the ancient and modern history coming alive. With electrifying neon landscapes and marvellous scenes, collect the memories at the place.


If you are one of the campers and nature lovers, then Sedona is the best place for you to experience hiking activity. With extraordinary trail maps and driving directions, enjoy shades and flowing streams with your loved ones. The city assures that you will go through all the fantastic Hiking Trails in Sedona. Once you get introduced with its hiking customers, you will come to know how recognized, comprehensive and enjoyable it is here.


Vortexes is basically the turbulent flow of water which is made from glassiness of spinning water. In Sedona, vortexes are made from spiraling spiritual energy that motivates prayer, meditation, and healing. It is believed here that energy flow of The Vortexes interacts with a persons inner self that needs to be experienced for peace. People very likely want to feel Vortexes just to keep them with lasting effects. Come and experience powerful and transformational energy to keep you happy and energetic.


With stunning scenery, the Park covers 286 acre which is basically an environmental education center known for its native vegetation and hills of red rock and other scenic beauty. Red Rock State Park offers a variety of programs for visitors, school groups, and other communities with numerous attractive scenes. Entrance fee for adults is $7, for youth (7-13 years) it is $4 and for child (below 6 years) it is $6.


Since 1970’s, Tlaquepaque has become an exceptional collection of galleries, shops and dining establishments which treats visitors and local residents in a large number. No doubt, it is a place where visitors like to come again and again just to look, eat, drink, wander and enjoy. Experience thriving arts and culture with a mix of fabulous galleries, scenic beauty, boutique hotels, resorts, spa experience, breweries, sports bars, and many more throughout the year. At Tlaquepaque Arts and Crafts Village, come and enjoy the must-do activities with endless adventures and family-fun experiences.