The seventh most populous city in the United States, San Antonio is home to the finest and historic sites with beautiful sightseeing views. San Antonio is a wonderful city with great opportunities and mini-adventures. Explore the city’s historic missions, take a walk along the river, enroll in a short culinary workshop and have a quick overview of the highlights. Here in San Antonio, you will find no shortage of things to do whether it’s about indoor or outdoor. The city experiences humid climate with hot and warm summers and mild, cold winters. If you want to add some fun activities, have a visit to San Antonio and make the moments.


San Antonio Missions National Historical Park is full of rich history and culture. It expresses nearly 300 years of cultural opportunities for the visitors. The park also still contains active catholic parishes hence, offers regular services in the historic buildings that are opened only during special services like funerals and weddings. The standard visiting hours of the park are from 10 am to 5 pm.


The Magicians Agency is a secret organization which is operated by magicians who use their skills to take on dangerous missions. The magicians take full responsibility for hilarious comedy, mind blowing illusions, daring escapes, audience participation, and obviously incredible award winning magic. Once you enter Magicians Agency, you will be guaranteed for 100% entertainment. The magic show lasts for 2 hours where food and drink items will be offered to you as part of your show experience. Just enjoy non-stop, fully Illusion and action packed magic that you will memorize always.


The site was founded in 1720 and built on the banks of the San Antonio River. It offers a mariachi mass and known for its rose window that is considered one of the finest examples of baroque architecture in North America. San Jose was the largest of the missions in the area. It became known as the “Queen of the Missions.” In 1941, Mission San Jose was declared a State Historic Site and as a National Historic Site later.


Experience thrilling coasters, live entertainment, and extraordinary rides with friends and the whole family. You can also have a connection with many amazing sea animals like dolphins, sea lions, alligators, whales and many more. From street shows to eve celebrations, visitors enjoy here to the fullest. SeaWorld San Antonio discount tickets can be availed online as well as from the park itself. You can access SeaWorld as per rides show timings.


The conservatory, carriage house, log cabins, and bird watch structures add an extra effect to the place which the locals and visitors love to enjoy. The mission of the garden is to spread the importance of plants worldwide. Enjoy the Garden’s fun and beauty all year at the lowest price. San Antonio Botanical Garden opening hours are 9:00 am to 5:00 daily. The entry fees for adults is $12, senior citizens (65 and over) is $10, for children (age 3-13) is $9 and free for children (under age 3).


The tour will definitely excite your taste buds with samples of exceptional area specialties. Downtown Delicacy Tour will show you a side of the city as never before. Just enjoy San Antonio’s vibrant food scene with city’s favorite eating establishments and mouthwatering regional cuisine. Once you take the delicacy tour, you will definitely like its interactive and engaging flavors that give you the memories you will never forget.


Opened up to the public in 1988, The Guenther House is a museum, restaurant, gifts shop and banquet hall. The site carries a range of kitchen products in the gift shop. In the restaurant, cookies and pastries are cooked 24 hours on special orders. Corporate events and family functions are well organized in the Guenther House. The visiting hours of restaurant are 7am to 3pm (Sunday-Saturday) and you can shop in the store from Monday to Saturday (8am to 4pm) and on Sunday (8am to 3pm).


The only mission of the church is to spread unconditional love and justice everywhere. Despite of ages, races, genders, nationalities, marital status etc.; the church welcomes everybody and focuses on the removal of cultural, political and societal barriers. Travis Park United Methodist Church offers brides and grooms to have elegant receptions. At Travis Park, it is believed that God communicates by means of music so, singings are organized regularly to worship. Whether you need space or want to turn any occasion into special; just go and take breathe!