is the state capital of Arizona which is primarily known for warm and dry climate, attracting tourists and visitors, especially sun-lovers during the winter months. With a mix of modern high-rise buildings and attractive sceneries, Phoenix Area is a large sprawling city which offers cultural attractions and a diverse art community. The city offers lots of opportunities for climbing, hiking, biking, tracking, golf and other outdoor activities. It comprises over 200 golf courses, dozens of museums and numerous performing arts venues. The climate of Phoenix ranges from long and extremely hot summers to short and warm winters.


Located in Phoenix, Camelback Mountain is a prominent landmark which is also popular as a recreation destination for hiking and rock climbing. With an elevation of 2,704 feet, Camelback Mountain is a perfect place for tourist activity where the hikers are advised to perform during optimal weather and with adequate preparation. For staying, you can visit Camelback Mountain resort where parking is allowed from sunrise to sunset. Here, you can also schedule a guide for you to enjoy at the extent.


Located in Phoenix, the Desert Botanical Garden is a 140 acres garden area which comprises of 21,000 plants including all139 rare, threatened or endangered species. Here, the plants are focused to get adapted in desert conditions as well as under shade houses. A variety of tours and activities are conducted to experience and embrace the magnificent beauty of the desert. The ticket fee for adults is $24.95 and children under 3 are admitted free. You can avail Desert Botanical Garden coupon timely from website.


It is the most iconic piece of natural beauty in Phoenix where you can admire the breathtaking landscape and take photos. Take a stroll through stunning Sedona and enjoy the most scenic landscapes of the site. Take a short nature break, drink in the boundless wonders of the canyon and browse shops for souvenirs handcrafted by the locals. It takes about two hours to complete the tour to Grand Canyon via Sedona and Navajo Reservation where you will also enjoy the views of the Painted Desert and the Little Colorado River Gorge.


The Heard Museum is a non-profit museum in Phoenix which is completely dedicated to American Indian art. The site reveals the demonstrations, exhibitions, live performances of American artists. It has grown in size and stature to become recognized internationally for its qualitative values, unmatched festivals and educational programming. Dedicated to the advancement of art and sculpture, the Heard Museum showcases the vitality of traditional and contemporary art.The mission of the Museum is to emphasize its intersection with broader artistic and cultural themes.


Explore the beauty of Sedona on a full day 90 minutes Jeep tour. Spend several hours to check out the shops, galleries and restaurants where you will enjoy at the most. In addition, take a ride with jeep of red rock country. Here, you will enjoy great views of various landmarks like Bell Rock, Oak Creek Canyon, West Sedona and many more. Take a Sedona Red Rock Adventure including Jeep Tour and get entertained with informative and educational history of Sedona.


The site actually consists of three mountain ranges, the Ma Ha Tauk, Gila and Guadalupe. South Mountain Park is basically popular as it offers the visitors activities like hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding and others. Once you visit the site, you will be mesmerized with spectacular valley wide views all around. Cyclists, wheelchair users, skate boarders and stroller-riding tots enjoy the site at the most.


Balloon ride is one of the best experiences that is cherished for lifetime. Check this once in a lifetime and make it happen right now. Take a memorable hot air balloon ride in Phoenix with an incredible birds eye view. The personalised flight will give you the best feeling for one hour tour. Hot Air Balloon Rides Phoenix prices depend on the timings and tour arrangement. Welcome to join if you’d like the unique experience of assisting with setup and inflation of the hot air balloon.


Phoenix is a home to dozens of golf courses in a variety of styles. Some of them occupy desert landscapes with 185 public, private, resort, municipal, and executive golf course destinations. Here, golf courses are as diverse and spectacular as its landscape. Visit the site and enjoy golf without any hindrance in all the situations.