Recognized as a dispersed beach town, Negril lies at the western end of Jamaica that attracts tourists from the whole world with its alluring natural attractions, white sand, and marvelous hotels and resorts. Come and explore hand-feeding hummingbirds, therapeutic mineral springs, rain forest waterfalls, jungle canopies, coral reefs and much more and make the beautiful moments. Move to the Negril Cliffs for relaxation and adventurous activities. You will feel much pleased and soothing with the unparalleled views of Negril. Here, July is the hottest month and January is the coldest one. Get around Negril soon and lost in the intense beauty and its people.


Popularized as a famous spot, Seven Mile Beach is stretched of golden sand and ruled by pleasure seeking crowd and sun-worshipers. Equipped with Seven Mile Beach Accommodation and few resorts, the site has fully become a popular nightlife hot spot for the party lovers. You will enjoy parties at certain bars and clubs located on the beach with a variety of drinks. An array of excellent activities will create a paradise on earth which will leave you in an enchanting world of wonders.


These are the natural sites to behold turquoise waters, sea caves and coves. Negril Cliffs are the black hued cliffs which are 40 feet above waters and form a defining natural icon. Locals and visitors come and join in the show in a fit of Caribbean bravado. Now, the site has become a popular spot for snorkeling tours as well as for diving, sun tanning, partying, laughing, and jumping. Finding a cliff hotel Negril is not a big deal as lots of resorts and hotels are available in the surroundings here.


Mayfield Falls is an eco-tourism attraction with the comfortable mineral spring water. Consisting of 2 beautiful waterfalls, 52 types of ferns, 21 natural pools, and lots of exotic flowers and plant species; the place is very peaceful and truly nature at its best. Crossing the bridge here is an adventure into itself. The stones surrounding Mayfield Falls are quite slippery, so always wear water shoes. Enjoy the water sprinkles and lush plants everywhere with cheap prices of $15 per person as an entrance fees.


Bloody Bay is a public beach where snorkeling is a favored pastime for crowd. Located in a busy and urban place, Bloody Bay would be especially convenient for people who thrive in crowds of fellow visitors. Sprawling resorts and bowed palm trees add a soothing effect to this site. There is no shortage of resorts and hotels on Bloody Bay Negril in the surrounding area, so can enjoy to the fullest with the closest accommodations. Visit and enjoy white sands speckled with colorful shells and clear, calm waters.


Built in 1894 and known as one of the earliest concrete lighthouses, it affords breathtaking views of the coast. In actual, it is a 100 foot tall structure and powered by solar energy and comprises an automatic white light which flashes every two seconds. The Negril Lighthouse was built in cylindrical shape and on a tank filled with water to keep it balanced and secured in earthquake. It opens 9 am to sunset daily and there is no admission charge to visit the place.


Experience the most diverse and invigorating Adventure Park and fill your day with 10 amazing water slides, great food and games. Also do the fun with Outdoor Laser Tag, Paintball, Go-Karts and other adventures. Considered as a delight for the entire family, Kool Runnings Adventure Park remains open from Tuesday to Sunday from 11 am to 6 pm but the rides get closed at 5:30 pm. It remains off on Monday. The admission fees for the park is $33 (for 48 inches or above), $22 (under 48 inches), $19 (twilight after 4 pm) and free for children.


Located in Negril, Ricks Cafe is one of Jamaicas most famous hot spots famous for heart-throbbing cliff jumping, and breath-taking sunsets. It comprises of a 35-foot high cliff where both men and women of all different fitness levels come and enjoy here. A bar and restaurant is also located here that serves tourists with its best services. Live entertainment, excellent view of the sun set and the light house are the key features here. So come and enjoy if you are an adventure lover.


Visit the coast of Jamaica for the very best in deep sea sport fishing. Renowned as one of the most thrilling grounds in Negril, Deep Sea Fishing Prices vary from coast to coast. Here, an experienced crew will guide you to the best fishing spots. Get ready for an incredible day on the water with the shining sun, biting fishes and icy drinks. So lets go, enjoy your day and make your vacation one you will always remember.