Located on the southeast side of the Florida Peninsula, Miami is a very popular holiday destination with perfect tourist attractions. The city is recognized for the widening area in arts, finance, commerce, media and entertainment. It has over 300 high rises and thus, ranked for third tallest skyline in the United States. With pleasant climate, Miami has a tropical climate with dry winters and humid summers. Miami also highlights its wonderful beaches, shores, unique ecosystem and wildlife. Transportation of Miami depends on ports, airports, rail systems, elevated movers, buses, metro buses, monorails, bicycles and others.


South Beach in the city of Miami, United States is considered unique due to the surroundings of fine white sand and colorful buildings. It is one of the beaches which have gone through many artificial and natural changes for years. At night, South Beach becomes ready to collect the crowd from all over the world. The place comes alive with a mix of world-class galleries, shops, historic buildings, boutiques and the hotel of South Beach. The clear blue water makes South Beach more notable and an iconic part of the city.


The Design District is a neighborhood within the city of Miami, United States which is famous for its funky galleries and unusual art. It is one of the best master pieces of the world which is now converted into 130 art galleries, cafes, restaurants, showrooms, luxury fashion stores, bars as well as retail spaces. In short, we can say that Design District is completely a package of design, art and fashion. The community of Design District organizes wide Art & Design Night every second Saturday of each month from 7-10 p.m. which is quite famous for locals and international visitors in town. Book Design District hotels and give your family a luxurious comfort.


In todays world, Miami is declared as the largest contemporary as well as street art fair in the United States attracting more than 77,000 attendees each year. Street art is popularly known for its colourful and vibrant murals. The visitors all over the world love to see amazing street art of high design and fine art. The giant canvas and graffiti street art explore and develop the areas pedestrian potential. In addition to its street art, Miami is evolved with emerging artists who have added world class art to the community.


Founded in 1983, the Miami Childrens Museum is a package for whole family and is located in the city of Miami, Florida. The place includes lots of things to visit like Kid Smart educational gift shops, pre-school classrooms, 14 permanent galleries, 200-seat auditorium as well as parent/teacher resource center. The museum is popularly known for its learning materials related to culture and communication. The kids around at the Miami Childrens Museum enjoy a great deal of custom birthday party packages and seasonal camps and classes also. Come and buy Miami Childrens Museum coupon for $20 and avail more offers according to timings and events.


The Wynwood Walls, a place which explores the complete idea of arts and creative businesses that not only attracts locals but also the international visitors. The creativity is considered as the master piece which enriches the clean and safe environment for visitors and occupants. Wynwood Walls is a centre of attraction defining the enrichment of traditional portrait galleries with major art statement.


If we talk about Miami Everglades Airboat Adventure, it is the most exciting tour for the unique ecosystem of the Florida Everglades. Visitors enjoy lots of amazing things like crocodiles, turtles, exotic snakes, birds, alligators and an abundant wildlife of the city. Many wildlife educational programs add a special significance to the Everglades. No doubt, Miami Everglades Airboat Adventure with Transport is one of the most beautiful and unique places on earth. Generally, the tour ends in 4.5 hours with the most affordable and easy ways of travelling.


Tropical Park is an urban park in Miami, Florida, located on the site of a former horse track. The place is famous as it attracts approximately 1,500,000 visitors annually who enjoy the sport facilities of basketball, soccer, boxing, volleyball, football, softball, racquetball, tennis, bicycling along with the amenity of plenty green space. Tropical Stadium is home to various Junior Olympics and USA National Team. The admission for kids of ages 12 and under are free and youngsters can enjoy the ride of bicycles and walking, jogging or running on the miles of paved pathways throughout the park.


Ocean Drive is the major adventure of Miami Beach dominating the whole city. Everything seems new again once you hit the place. The visitors feel lucky to be a part of the city when they energize themselves with all comforts of food, refreshment and fun. Ocean Drive is again roaring back with the buzz of a heavy traffic to the area. If you are looking for a great change then book Ocean Drive resort to customize your vacations.

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