There are plenty of great places to visit in Las Vegas, including wonderful campgrounds in outstanding natural surroundings. Also known as the Gambling Capital of the World, Las Vegas comprises the best and marvelous casinos of the world. Experience the city which lies in the desert with recreated glamorous sites, sparkling lights and surrounding hills. It experiences high summer temperatures with cool nights. It is a wonderful place to visit all the year round with most of the best daytime activities. Primarily known for entertainment, dining, nightlife, gambling, shopping and much more; Las Vegas has become one of the best three tourist destinations in the United States. Once you visit the city, you will definitely recreate many memories.


Las Vegas is popularly known for its magnificent whirl of Casinos and Gambling. Standard casino games like bingo, blackjack, poker and slots have their own ambience in the town. If you come to town and don’t play like serious gamblers, you are considered to lack the funniest moment of the place. You will find a wide selection of worth visiting casinos that are completely dedicated to Gambling in Vegas. In fact, people think gambling as one of the best entertaining time-pass activities in Vegas which is famous among both visitors and locals.


Helicopter tours in Las Vegas are one of the best modes to do the complete survey of the city. Once you perform this activity, you will never tend to do anything else in lesser time. The experience of Helicopter Tours is the most beautiful feeling to get the sense of many of Las Vegas highlights such as the Eiffel Tower, the Statue of Liberty, the Mirage volcano, the iconic Stratosphere Tower, and many more. Helicopter rides give you the pleasant experience of a breathtaking tour of the city making dreams come true.


Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area gives a complete overview of huge red rock formations in Las Vegas. The area is widely famous for its numerous adventurous activities like rock climbing, hiking, rock scrambling, biking and many more. It also explores a variety of grasses and native plants to its visitors. The only mission of Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area is to create opportunities to understand, discover and enjoy the most recreational place of the city.


It was created by the South-western United States and nowadays, is administered by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife ServiceUndoubtedly, the place has become the extreme wildlife refuge that provides a rich and complex variety of various habitats including plants and animals which are found nowhere else in the world. You will feel the warmth of pleasant crystal water in the desert as well as natural springs in Ash Meadows National Wildlife Refuge that you have never experienced in your life before.


Paris Hotels are considered as the hearts of Paris that are also supposed to be the ideal starting points to visit the beautiful city. Once you visit this beautiful city, you will never forget the immense beauty of Paris Hotel and the Eiffel Tower. The place is counted in one of the iconic observations of the whole world. Visitors capture unforgettable moments with their loved ones at Eiffel Tower. The colourful and the bright lightening and the unmatched water shows make Vegas the most popular city among the visitors.


The Fountain Show in Las Vegas is just fabulous and always considered as the most popular attraction of the city. Shows are perfectly choreographed consisting of more than 30 different songs. The water rockets and dances of Fountain shows are complex and include a staff of 30 working days a month and 365 days a year to clean. The dancing streams of water of Fountain Show are quite shimmy, twirl and spin with the surrounding crowd. Visitors all over the world enjoy an enchanting concert of classical, opera and pop tunes in the most mesmerizing forms.


High Roller is a giant Ferris wheel in Las Vegas in United States of America which is known for its magnificent size of 550 foot tall, 520 foot diameter. High Roller of Las Vegas is known as the world’s tallest Ferris wheel. Each spherical cabin of High Roller holds 40 people that contain both side benches of cabin as well as plenty floor space in the middle side. You can buy online High Roller tickets at $22 (adults), $9 (youth) for day and at $32 (adults), $19 (youth) for night. High Roller in Las Vegas promises you to provide the best views of the city.


Las Vegas Monorail is a mass transit system connecting several large casinos of different places. The monorail is a registered service for public that is assisted by the State of Nevada for bond financing. Las Vegas Monorail is a great adventure in which several tickets are offered for public. Las Vegas Monorail prices include $5 (single ride), $12 (1 day pass), $22 (2 day pass), $28 (3 day pass), $36 (4 day pass) and $43 (5 day pass).


Sky diving will be the most beautiful feeling once you visit in Las Vegas. The activity is done inside a padded wind tunnel. In general, there is a fan inside the padded wind tunnel which is located underneath protective wire netting. When you kick into gear then you will fly 10 feet above the ground. Initially, the guides will be provided to you once you enter padded room but you need to be fitted with helmet, jumpsuit and gloves. Las Vegas sky diving prices vary as per timings and participants but the standard price is $75 per person. No doubt, it is the most thrilling but enjoyable activity in the city for locals as well as global visitors.


As the name defines, Zero 1 Desert Adventures Tour is really an adventurous and exciting activity to enjoy. Once you explore the diverse and spacious beauty of Las Vegas, you will definitely feel much refreshed and motivated. Zero 1 desert adventures tour gives you the freedom to visit either on two wheels or four. The place is also popular for its new trails, adventurous surroundings, and fresh environment. The memories of this visit promise you several stories that last a lifetime.