Based in south-eastern Mexico, Cancun is a city which has become an important tourist destination in Mexico. It is the large vacation center with an excellent tourist infrastructure, attracting more than four million tourists annually. No doubt, it is a beloved tourist destination for visitors from all over the world. The city is perfect for swimming, sunbathing, beautiful weather, legendary nightlife, relaxation and many more. Its sunny beaches are an idol escape from city life and a plethora of bars and clubs take you away in another world. There are lots of things that can relief you during your vacations like mysterious lagoons, ancient temples, and Mayan ruins. All such factors add to the inimitable atmosphere and there are a lot of gorgeous sights you can visit in and around Cancun.


Playa Delfines is one of the most unique points of Cancun as it is embraced with heavy currents and riptides and is known for its rough waters. The beach is easily accessible by bus, taxi or rental car and even offers free public parking. On the upside, Playa Delfines has great views; you can put your feet up and enjoy the peaceful lapping of the waves. The beach is also quite popular amongst surfers. The beach comprises of trained lifeguards and is always open and free to use.


Avenida Kukulkan is a Cancun strip that leads to all of the resorts and gives access to numerous shops, cafes, restaurants, and nightclubs. This strip is the heart of Cancun and contains just about every form of enterprise in the city. Pulsating nightclubs, exclusive boutiques and lively cafes and bars make Avenida Kukulkan a culturally authentic corner of the city. The street is well manicured and mostly safe and provides comfortable modernity to help you feel at home.


It is considered as the most important archaeological zone and also explores spectacular views. Chichen Itza is a must-see and the super-informative place of the tour. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site which is made up of many stone buildings in various states of preservation. Chichen Itza is roughly two hours from Cancun by car. This popular site can get extremely crowded and to beat the crowds, book an early-access tour. The best time to get to Chichen Itza Day Trip from Cancun is at opening time, before the crowds arrive.


Isla Mujeres is a beautiful and peaceful island in the Caribbean Sea with a strong surf and rocky coast. Visitors consider the place where time passes slowly and the vacation becomes a reality. Beautiful white sand beaches and calm crystal clear turquoise waters make up the island unlike any other. The surroundings of the island are full of colorful coral reefs and a paradise for both snorkelers and scuba divers. Take in the sights of Isla Mujeres, relax and enjoy your boat trip to the island.


El Rey Ruins is the most exotic destination of all amazing tours. The site offers visitors an introduction to the Mayan people who once settled in areas of Mexico. You will be delighted to find an extremely small ruin hardly worth the visit for its archaeological value. El Rey has platforms with round columns with little or no parking. The El Rey Ruins are open between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. for exploration and the entry fees is 47 pesos. Enjoy the best of Cancun vacations and El Rey Ruins.


Dolphin Discovery is a committed site to make the visitors aware about the responsibilities and environment of swimming with dolphins and whale. The place has contributed to the study and conservation of marine habitats around the world with various engaging and educational programs. It is an ideal spot to swim with dolphins and discovering their incredible behaviours. Business visiting hours of the place are 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. Delight yourself with the best option to relax with Dolphins.


The cruise offers a full day of sightseeing, snorkeling, shopping and salsa dancing. Explore the beach and bars available with beer, spirits and soft drinks. Bars and live entertainment places at cruise create a party atmosphere that you can never expect. Gaze out at the turquoise Caribbean Sea and get prepared for full day of adventurous activities. Board your boat and enjoy all exclusive views of crystal clear waters around you. Catamaran Cruise from Cancun is a great option for the whole family and the Caribbean Sea lovers.


Interactive Aquarium is the only aquarium in Cancun which is home to many exotic species of sea life including dolphins, sea lions, octopus, starfish, sharks, whales and many more. You can actually swim in the water with these great creatures and interact with them. You will have the feel of the fascinating underwater world of the Caribbean and the chance to touch and feed a variety of marine life. Interactive Aquarium is located in the heart of the hotel zone in the Isla Shopping Center and opens from 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM, 365 Days a Year.